Don’t Miss These Comic Con Festivals Near You!

By December 5, 2018 No Comments

A lot of people think you have to go to San Diego in the summertime to get an authentic Comic Con experience. Little do they know that there are comic conventions happening all across America throughout the year! From Baltimore to San Antonio to Phoenix, there are tons of cities that welcome comic book nerds and aficionados for weekends of fandom and fun. That’s why we’re highlighting a trio of festivals throughout the South that might pique your interest. Continue reading to find out the when and where, and don’t wait to buy tickets!

Nashville Comic City Convention 25th Anniversary Show (DEC 8-9)

It’s already been a quarter century since Nashville Comic City Convention began and opened its doors annually to comic nerds far and wide for a celebration of animation, art, film, graphic novels, and television. Throughout the years industry professionals, writers, and pro wrestling stars have been on hand to promote their various projects and preserve a culture that continues to grow in leaps and bounds each successive year. This year, more than fifty (yes, fifty!) guests will be on hand at the Fairgrounds to snap selfies with attendees and sign memorabilia, including Tom Bancroft, animator of such notable films as Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Lion King. Tickets are $25 a pop and include a free trade paperback. You can find out more details on the extravaganza by heading to their website.


Huntsville Comic Convention (JAN 18-19)

For anyone willing to make a little bit of a jaunt south, there’s a comic convention in the new year taking place in Huntsville, Alabama. Already in its third year, the Huntsville Comic Convention, sponsored by Lowe Mill A&E, is a most unique gathering of geekery and fandom. There are numerous events for kids, comic book panels, talks with television stars, and (oh, did we mention?) two successive nights of Cosplay shows! Featured guests include voice actors from popular animated shows, writers of popular comics, professional wrestlers, artists, and more. For just $20 you can gain access to more than 200 studios of working artists that consist of unique eateries and artisanal craftsmen. All guests will be signing for FREE, so bring all your memorabilia for what is sure to be a most memorable weekend in the new year!

Walker Stalker / Heroes & Villains (AUG 24-25)

It might be a little early to start thinking about Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, but you’ll want to get your tickets well in advance for this family-friendly, international convention celebrating the Walking Dead. Spanning four countries and boasting a quarter million attendees annually, Walker Stalker Con makes its way to Nashville in late August of 2019. Unlike many comic book conventions, a sticking point of this one is the attention paid toward authentic fan interactions between actors and fans. Their notable guests will be announced imminently, but you can bet on a plethora of photo ops with celebrity actors, panels that unpack the significance of plot twists and cliffhangers, and oh-so-many autographs! You can get more information and pick up tickets by heading over to their website.