5 Rare Comics You Had No Idea Starbase 1552 Had for Sale!

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Individual issues of staple-bound comics are usually bought, read, loved, and discarded or loaned out to friends never to return. In the comic book collectors’ universe, this makes those rare copies in mint condition all the more valuable for resale. Several issues published in the mid-twentieth century have appreciated quite nicely and routinely list on sites like eBay for astronomical prices. Continue reading below to see which impeccable issues Starbase 1552 is currently keeping on ice!

1) Daredevil No. 1

More recently, Daredevil has become a bit of a household name, with actors such as Charlie Cox and Ben Affleck portraying the superhero in major blockbuster movies and television series. However, the comic book character himself has a much more rich and storied past, stretching decades into last century. Published in April of 1964, the very first Daredevil issue introduced Matt Murdock to the comic book world as The Man Without Fear! Blinded by a radioactive substance that fell from an oncoming vehicle, Murdock gains superpower abilities as a result of contact with the substance and uses them to patrol Hell’s Kitchen. Originally sold for a miniscule $0.12, today copies of this original comic regularly sell for around a thousand dollars, due to the quality of the paper not being made to last.

2) Superman No. 16

While Lois Lane made her first appearance in Action Comics No. 1 in 1938 alongside Superman, she did not grace a cover of an issue until a few years later in Superman No. 16. On it, the infamous Daily Planet reporter walks arm in arm with Clark Kent through the streets of Metropolis, musing longingly at a bronze statue of Superman: “Oh, Clark…isn’t he wonderful!?!” Nowadays, a pristine copy of the comic would sell upwards of four thousand dollars, as it was made from the cheapest paper available to manufacturers. But, originally, you could pick one up for just a dime!

3) Amazing Adult Fantasy No. 13

Originally launched as Amazing Fantasy, the short-lived Amazing Adult Fantasy published by Marvel Comics featured early artwork and stories by comic book legends Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby. Early issues of the magazine prominently displayed its tongue-in-cheek motto, “The magazine that respects your intelligence” directly on the cover. Issue No. 13 was unleashed to comic book fans in the summer of 1962 and includes several short stories that feature shape-shifting aliens invading planet earth, sea monsters attacking at midnight, and western powers launching a fake globe into space that hovers directly over Moscow forcing communist leaders to disarm.

4) Amazing Adult Fantasy No. 14

Perhaps most famous for being the issue just before the character of Spider-Man makes his first-ever appearance in the Marvel universe, issue No. 14 once again features aliens attempting to invade planet earth, but also contains urban legends of giants, Leprechauns, and wax figures. Issue No. 14 was also the final issue to be released under the name Amazing Adult Fantasy, as the one immediately following would rebrand the series as simply Amazing Fantasy. Despite the appearance of the now ubiquitous Spider-Man in issue No. 15, the series itself concluded in August of ‘62, with a couple of one-off revivals in the ‘90s and aughts.

5) X-Men No. 101

Published in October of 1976, this issue of X-Men has become a collectible amongst the comic book world, as it introduces readers to Jean Gray’s new avatar Phoenix. The comic’s featured story is entitled “Like a Phoenix, from the Ashes!” and dons a cover with artwork from renowned illustrators Dave Cockrum and Danny Crespi. Although the character of Phoenix has become a staple of the X-Men franchise today, she did not reappear in a Marvel comic for ten years, when she appeared alongside the Avengers in the Fantastic Four series. Unmarred copies of this particular issue regularly list for anywhere from five hundred dollars to a thousand.